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Monday, 11 June 2018

Stop Selling, engage in conversations

Running with You the Sales Reps

I suppose you may have heard this many times the FIRST TIME I did was in 1981, out dated you may say, I doubt it ????

Most sales people are too much of a salesman/lady.

You need to be your natural self, which means-

- Which means your manner, mannerisms,
- Your voice, tone
- The words you use, must be part of a normal conversation
- Your expressions

Many buyers today are put off with the above as they were back in the day, buyers back in the day became nervous of sales people, today they see them with contempt, being pushy.

Most sales people blame their employer/company for their sales short comings, relook at yourself, it is you bud, yep do a reality check.
Till next time go sell your way to success. 

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