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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Total Sales Domination

Running with You the Sales Rep

TSD, yes you want this, you need this, Why

- so you do not become obsolete

- you are in sales to hit your numbers

- your Financial wealth relies on it

So what are you doing about it, Time to get focused on key controllables,

Respect how you use your time, and protect it from people who are not in line with your Thinking,

Respect that you must up skill, what areas, refer

One or 2 sessions engaging with me and I will explain the realities and how to reposition yourself in this new disruptive sales game/ markets you operate in.

Till next time go Sell Your way to Success.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Stop Selling, engage in conversations

Running with You the Sales Reps

I suppose you may have heard this many times the FIRST TIME I did was in 1981, out dated you may say, I doubt it ????

Most sales people are too much of a salesman/lady.

You need to be your natural self, which means-

- Which means your manner, mannerisms,
- Your voice, tone
- The words you use, must be part of a normal conversation
- Your expressions

Many buyers today are put off with the above as they were back in the day, buyers back in the day became nervous of sales people, today they see them with contempt, being pushy.

Most sales people blame their employer/company for their sales short comings, relook at yourself, it is you bud, yep do a reality check.
Till next time go sell your way to success. 

Monday, 28 May 2018

ARE You really a Winner

Running with You the Sales Rep

It is amazing how many reps I come across who have the gift of the tongue, can talk a story, but can not walk the walk, and along with it they are so arrogant.

I feel deep down for many sales managers, or should I, our are the sales managers part of the issue.

Been having sales conversations with reps re being in a sales slump, via my online coaching platform and face to face.

They are trying to close deals, but have not followed a defined sales process, and wonder why, no effort,no real effort at establishing the right level of two way understanding. POOR???

One reps said he is not in a slump, so I asked him has he smashed his target March and April, no was the reply, and his is not in a sales slump????

get real.
Till next time go sell your way to success

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Do YOU really understand your are in a SALES WAR

Running with you the Sales rep

Sales wars every day, that's the game, your clients in a week, a month are being hit by all or most of your competitors.

So how are you playing the war, here are few tips-

1 which clients seem to be your FRIEND, but do not give you a key portion /% of their business

2 find out through great questioning techniques which competitors keep knocking at your clients door and take proactive action to cut them out.

3 reinforce at every opportunity when communicating with your clients how valuable you are to them, it will be come second nature, it is an art, make it an art

4 ensure that you understand your clients customers/ markets, really understand, and show that you do understand when chatting face to face,

5 continually remember that we all believe we have better relationships, than what they actually are.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes as a rep, you are always being hounded by your Boss man re your closure rate/ conversation rate.

Amazing that about 64% of reps do not hit their targets, I wonder why, HERE IS WHY

- lack of sales techniques up skilling
- do not know where they are in their sales process and buyers in their buying process
- have not gone through with client prospects the correct questions to ask
- did not do consultative selling , then solution selling and while this was happening was not building the right level of relationships (ABR)always building relationships.

Master Closers do many things, here are few-

- look when to see logic vs emotion or both at the same time
- over comes clients fear factor in making a go decision
- can handle any objection thrown at him
- he is always closing(abc) through out his journey with the client
- knows money is always the issue

cool, many more,

Till next time go sell Your way to Success.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lead by Example

Running with you the Sales Rep

This topic may mean different things to different people,

- does your sales manger LBE, does he dual call with you, does he communicate well with you, does he show trust in you. ( to name a few points)

The key is how are you as a sales professional leading by example, yes

- within the sales team
- with you time management
- with your up skilling
- with you attitude
- by following the sales system

to name a few. go relook at you LBE,

Till next time sell your way to Success.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to Succeed in Selling

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes we all want the secrets, why are a few reps way better than most, what makes them tick ?????

- how is the MONOTONY of your voice when face to face or on the phone to a client. ( never thought of this ???)

- how is your selling personality, here is the incorrect view, Has the gift of the Gab, we have all heard this, poor poor.

Define Personality "  is the characteristic way of how one thinks and acts which identifies each sales person as a unique person"

how do you try to be UNIQUE,  interesting,

Till next time go sell your way to Success.