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Monday, 17 April 2017

23 Competencies for Sales Excellence FROM BACK IN THE DAY????

Running with you the Sales Rep

Funny how some sales stuff does not change, ok may be put into new world sales????

1 Product knowledge, amazing how many reps miss this point
2 Identifying needs
3 Listening -still today reps talk to much, and do not listen, yes really listen, for the silent meanings
4 Time management, unreal, the biggest single factor in reps being poor at their jobs, I have been research time, how people, not only reps use it, 8 out of 10 on average poor?????
5 Drive, persistent
6 Motivation
7 Establishing Credibility
8 Attitude
9 Communication skills
10 Reading people ( today how they think)
11 Probing ( today, questioning techniques)
12 Self Confidence
13 Follow up, so many reps follow up to late, or do not follow up??
14 Empathy Genuine caring about about the client, (many to day think of the deal only)
15 Well Organised,( sales admin, has automated CRM systems helped)
16 Honesty in dealings, ie ethical
17 Closing the deal
18 Rapport building
19 Patience, ( understanding the sales cycle time frame)
20 Adaptability
21 Personality, not being boring
22 yep, Telephone skills, thought I would leave this one out!!!!!!
23 And today I add, online, social media, skills.
24 Plus day to day self development.
Strange the above is still needed today, same as in the 1970/ 80, makes you think, ha ha.

Wisdom is meaning less until our own experience give it meaning, B Evans

Till next time go sell your way to Success

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Never Focus on Your Commission

Running with you the Sales Rep

The wise rep, does not look at once off transactions, you must focus on the life time value of your client.

Yes you have heard it before, client retention is the thing, the key THING, spending the right time building relationships is way easier than many hours of prospecting.

Wealth will flow to you, if you do not focus on what you get out of the deal, WHAT DOES YOUR CLIENT GET, then you win, do not reduce your fee, price.

Wisdom " Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood" R W Emerson.

Till next time go Sell Your way to Success.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Running with You the Sales Rep

Effort(ROE) I call it return on effort, ------ What do you think effort is, here is how I see it.

Effort, Perseverance, courage, self discipline, diligence, patience

The Karmic Principle, is we usually go with what we know, IT TAKES effort TO CHANGE OUR PATTERNS, of thinking, behaviour, habits.

As a sale manager back in the day, I had a word with a rep that was not performing, "he said I do not recognise his effort", I replied " your effort is channeled in the INCORRECT WAY ( I never use the word WRONG)

So the sales wisdom is to KNOW where you are getting the best return on effort, time today is such a critical component for your success.

No good chasing deals, that are under your gp% benchmark and you know the client will be high to maintain. Spend your focus on better clients, go do it, action, now

Till next time go Sell your way TO SUCCESS .