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Monday, 28 May 2018

ARE You really a Winner

Running with You the Sales Rep

It is amazing how many reps I come across who have the gift of the tongue, can talk a story, but can not walk the walk, and along with it they are so arrogant.

I feel deep down for many sales managers, or should I, our are the sales managers part of the issue.

Been having sales conversations with reps re being in a sales slump, via my online coaching platform and face to face.

They are trying to close deals, but have not followed a defined sales process, and wonder why, no effort,no real effort at establishing the right level of two way understanding. POOR???

One reps said he is not in a slump, so I asked him has he smashed his target March and April, no was the reply, and his is not in a sales slump????

get real.
Till next time go sell your way to success

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Do YOU really understand your are in a SALES WAR

Running with you the Sales rep

Sales wars every day, that's the game, your clients in a week, a month are being hit by all or most of your competitors.

So how are you playing the war, here are few tips-

1 which clients seem to be your FRIEND, but do not give you a key portion /% of their business

2 find out through great questioning techniques which competitors keep knocking at your clients door and take proactive action to cut them out.

3 reinforce at every opportunity when communicating with your clients how valuable you are to them, it will be come second nature, it is an art, make it an art

4 ensure that you understand your clients customers/ markets, really understand, and show that you do understand when chatting face to face,

5 continually remember that we all believe we have better relationships, than what they actually are.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.