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Monday, 4 December 2017


Running with you the Sales Rep.

Time to see how accurate your sales pipeline is, most are 50 to 75% accurate, there is always padding done by the rep, poor why bullshit yourself, your boss, it harms the business. Oh it is your ego. ???

That is why 60% of reps do not hit target consistently, your boss has been there, I hope he gives you a real hard kick up the ass, you need it. I have been selling for 9 years, 11 years, 18 years, I know the game, so wrong. Oh you are maverick.

Focus on your Jan and Feb 2018 pipelines are they at least 50% over your target, why Guy, due to the above, plus sometimes you have little control of uncontrollable at clients.

Plus you need to have a good quality LIST of Prospect's to connect with in Jan and Feb.

You will lose some exciting clients in the new year, or their purchases might be lower than 2017.

Come guys the above is common sense, go make it happen, do not blame the economy, business is being done, do not blame the pricing strategy, do not blame the internal staff, system .


Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Monday, 20 November 2017


Running with you the Sales Rep

Going Guess what the above stands for, new names always popping up in sales and marketing

Simple KYC (Knowing Your Client)

- how well, at what level are you

- how are your relationships at different levels in your clients business

- how are you going to improve, there is always room for improvement, Trust me.

Simple, but interesting, go think about the above, cool

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Managing A Maverick REP

Running with you the sales Rep

 Firstly bullet the maverick rep, yep fire him, he, she is

- self centered

- ego driven

- thinks every one is an idiot

- lacks business understanding

- not a team player,

To mention a few of why the rep should walk and seem more????

But you do not what to fire this type of rep, they bring you business.


- profile your maverick rep, see which buttons to push, which ones not to??????

- understand what POWER means to the maverick??????

- ride shot gun, dual call with your maverick????,

to name a few, enjoy, good luck . till next time go sell your way to success.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Running with you the Sales Rep

So life is good for you,

- not setting the example to peers

- hitting target
- being a maverick, yep buck the system and processes
- hate paper work, technology, sales automation, crm system

- not a team player

Trust me by 2020 very few of you will be around, very few will last in our GREAT SALES PROFESSION.

WHY, Guy, your business( as a rep, it is like running your own business) the company you currently work for will need you, want you to change and adapt to the NEW BUSINESS LAND SCAPE

A professional is highly skilled in their field, the right qualities,and qualifications in their field, the right level of knowledge and wisdom, does advanced learning


Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The word " SELLING"

Running with You the Sales Rep

For as long as I can remember, when it comes to b2b selling, the deal is get face to face????

Today it is still the single biggest issue affecting our selling game, yes we all know xyz has changed in sales, but have YOU CHANGED< ADAPTED. That is the key, and the one main reason many reps do not hit target, just mail the quote, get real.

So you make life in the sales game very difficult, but it is simple, many salespeople "fall into sales profession", but are not professional???

Here is a quote by C Brower " there is no such thing as 'soft sell' and ' hard sell', there is only 'SMART SELL' and stupid sell. My son come across this recently while doing research for his business

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Monday, 23 October 2017

5 RULES- Customers

Running with you the Sales Rep

I suppose always easy to remember a few rules, as a refresher

1 rule one- getting a customer

2 rule two- keeping a customer

3 rule three- must be profitable

4 rule four- must be a good payer

5 rule five- network with customer.


Till next time go sell your way to Success

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Many Objections in todays selling game????

Running with You the Sales Rep

Take time out tomorrow, end of the week and list the different type of OBJECTIONS that were thrown at you the past 5 selling days.

Why Guy, simple my sales team mate,

- How did you answer them, did it take you closer to closing the deal, and putting foundations in place to start another new client relationship journey, interesting.

- But more than the above, do you know the 4 or 5 key objections that will come your way, and did you have the answers to over come them, that's the critical point. I was taught this in 1981 on an Alfred Tack sales training course. ( some things change, some thing do not)

Yes helped me be a winner, what a great profession we are in.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Monday, 9 October 2017

48 Days left in the year

Running with You the sales Rep

Yep from tomorrow 48 days of selling,

- 16 days left in Oct
- 22 days in Nov
- 10 days in Dec (Most businesses in SA close on Friday 15th Dec)

yes I know very few of you have sat done and done the above, busy being busy, year end rush, stop being boring.

I hope you are not in the above group, plus those who have only hit target 4 times this year, and do not find the RIGHT SALES HELP, and you wonder why you suffer and your family suffers, get real, take the hard punches, sales is an easy game or hard depending on your attitude.

November, re look your sales pipeline for Jan o March 18
yes close deals for the month
list a least 10 prospects to hit in Jan 18
connect with your clients on LinkedIn and send them thank you for doing business in 2017
still do face to face calling
to name a few focus areas

December, draw up your 2 week action plan for when you return to work in January18
plan space in your daily program to review your results, list 3 areas you need to improve on
make sure paper work/crm etc all in order
to name a few focus areas,
 Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Running with you the sales Rep

Time of the year, yep Sept, and ask your self-

- are you connecting with the right people

- how many are you connecting with and how often

Most people say I am So Busy, not enough time in the day, bull dust I say,

Why Guy you may ask, simple,

- success comes from many things, ONE IS TO CONNECT with people. Have wisdom.


Till next time go sell you way to Success

Thursday, 21 September 2017

6 Points to Manage Buyers and close better

Running with You the Sales Rep

We all hear and know the selling game is consistently changing, ARE YOU ADAPTING, some yes many no, one can see this from sales results.

So lets see if you have these in your sales war chest????

- do you persuade buyers that you are the best choice

- do your solutions really satisfy your clients needs

- have you demonstrated that dealing with you will have very, very few risks(Yep list some risks that your client may face in dealing with opposition)

- demonstrate that your client will achieve their goals by dealing with you

- do you bring new solutions, ideas to the table

- how proactive are you in closing the sales through each engagement with your client.

good so you are on the right wisdom track excellent,  a major benefit to you.

till next time go sell your way to success, blog by Kyle Daines

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

4 Sales key factors

Running with you the Sales Rep

1 so you have a sales pipeline, I bet that 55 to 65 % are never closed, you know what that means

2 how many face to face meetings with the same client does it take you to close a sales, majority of time, 3 to 5 meetings

3 most sales people do not have persistence, they give up on a prospect, they do not build relationships via certain channels available to them.

4 less than 60% of sales people hit their sales targets,

so ask your self if the above is half true, it is true from research done, WHY DO YOU NOT GET COACHED< you must keep on learning, you need to your profession needs you to.

Go change the above stats

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Friday, 8 September 2017

YOU are a MILLENNIAL Sales Rep

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yep the sale force of the next 10 years or so are Millennial reps, so here is what your company should be doing for you!!!!!

Can they with Information overload, with the pace of digital and technology stride's give you info with SPEED and SIMPLICITY

So your day to day life is DRIVEN BY DIGITAL, personal and business.

Personal life every thing done on your smart phone, easy, IT stuff at home all hooked up to give you quick access, usage ,but at the office, you have CRM, !!, Sales Automation !!, quick back office service etc, !!!!!

The point of this is how much time are you spending out of your 40/50 hour week doing the following,
- finding the right prospects( why can't the system give me this at the push of a button)
- why must I spend hours researching prospects, is there not a quicker, and better way
( where the system pulls the correct profile of targeted clients)

INTERESTING, so the deal is
- speed of having the right app's
- clean data, within your company's data base, so many are poor
etc, etc

Till next time go Sell your way to success.

Friday, 1 September 2017

2 Things You should know

Running with you the Sales Rep

Recently, I was asked to coach 3 sales people, they were well below hitting their sales target. All had been in the great sales profession for less than 2 years.

What I asked them, (first question to them) which they should know "off the top of their heads"

The Question,

Please tell me 1 What is your Closure rate, %

                       2  What % achievement are you vs your target

Yep you guessed it they did not know POOR,

Till next time go Sell your way to Success. and on twitter @wisdom_sales

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Are you a CLOSER

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes you know and I know that when in sales you must be great at closing the deal, what does it take to be a first class closer.

Here are a few guide lines,

- it is very hard not to do business with someone who genuinely exhibits friendship, the true closer will find something he likes about his prospect and then makes positive comment .

- to be a closer you must accept you need to learn more, keep your mind open to new insights and opinions.

- you must make sure your client is relaxed by the tone and words you use, remember ever one is stressed, have some humour

- experience is the educator, go get help with your skills,

- your personality is the difference to that of your peers, opposition, make it work for you,

- top closers are humble, well organized and determined minute by minute.

go to

Till next time go sell your way to Success..

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What is your Sales Vision for your life

Running with you the Sales Rep

For 35 years I have been studying the truly successful sales professionals, yep I am one of them, so have had firsts hand view of what it takes. Look I say this because I really, really want you to be very great, excellent at selling.

Here is what I have seen over the years

- they have a vision for what their sales life should look like

- the go and create their sales life actively

- they take action to improve themselves in all areas related to business knowledge, they understand business

- they know the self discipline it takes to be consistent achiever.

- they do not bullshit themselves or clients

- they have great energy

- they say no

- their sales admin is top draw

They can read situations very quickly, they are nimble, they move with speed, this is SALES WISDOM

Till next time go sell your way to success

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What your Sales Manager wants from YOU

Running with you the Sales Reps

I coach sales managers via my online Ecoaching platform, here is what they need you to do.

- follow the sales process, sales play book steps, many try to cut corners, yes you the rep

- use the crm/sales automation system to be more effective and efficient

- know how to over come pricing objections, not just give discounts

- chase, prospect good clients, by doing the correct research

- hit your 12 month targets in 10 months, yes that's what you are employed for ( at least 40 working days are due to your holiday time, public holidays, clients on holiday, sick leave etc.)

- most reps hit 60% of their target

- be a great closer

- build great long term relationships with profitable clients.

To name a few issues , one last one, self development.

cool view

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Is your Sales Manager up to it.

Running with you the Sales rep

In my online (ecoaching) with reps many complain about their sales manager, are there ways to manage her or him better, very interesting.

Here is the deal, is he a controller, then
- then you must give him/her information before they ask for it
- be very well prepared
- over communicate with him/her

But is your manger doing these things with you on a consistent basis

- dual calling
- regular one on one meetings, re forward planning
- is he/she well structured
- does he/she help you up skill, coach you on the new way of selling, yes I mean closing techniques, right questioning techniques, do they know the key numbers, not just Rand sales.

For more info go to
Till next time go sell your way to success.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Think of These 7 points

Running with you the Sales Rep

Here is a checklist that will help you have Sales wisdom, cool Guy, really, yep really

1 do you have CLARITY regarding your role in sales

2 do you understand your PURPOSE in sales

3 do you have sales GOALS

4 do you CHALLENGE your self every day yes ok 4 days a week, you do procrastinate

5 do you have sales STORIES

6 do you deal in HONESTY with your clients

7 do you have an all round sales STRATEGY

thank you GUY very interesting, ok go be the best of the best.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Do YOU really believe

Running with You the Sales Rep

Do you really, really, really believe that you are a MASTER sales person, or tell people you are great, but hit target 5 times a year.

It is all about hitting the numbers, to do that you need sales wisdom,
- which deals to chase
- which deals to kill
- where and how to find the right clients

So many sales people spend very little time doing research, it is the FOUNDATION, supported by sound sales coaching.

Never stop learning about our great sales game, it is a fantastic way of life.

Till next time go sell Your way to Success.

Monday, 10 July 2017


Running with You the Sales Rep

Do you really, really review what sales mistakes you made in the week, NO

1 do you own up to your mistake, this the 1st step in sales wisdom

2 what is your mindset to mistakes

3 who is helping you not to make mistakes

are your mistakes costing you sales, why do 60% of sales people do not hit their targets,

come on Ladies and Gents, lets sort this out, their is never to much information over load on sales readings, go think about it.

Till next time go sell your way to Success

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Growing every Day

Running with You the Sales Rep

YES are you growing every day in the sales game, have you listed down the areas you still need to
learn in the selling profession.

Even if you have been selling for 10 years, there will be new ways, new technique's to grasp.

Success is never final, it is an ongoing day by day thing, list what 5 areas you are really great at, then ask yourself why

You must do this personal review, critical, as most sales people only hit target 40 to 60 % of the time, and we wonder why.

Check out your peers who is really, really successful?????

Look at your POTENTIAL, you have it, but give yourself a kick now and again.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Your thinking vs action in todays market

Running with You the Sales Rep

Guy what is this all about, I would like you to focus on

I can control my thoughts, you can change from lots of negative thinking to more positive approach

You will need sales wisdom in the next 6 months, every client, every situation is going to try and ROADBLOCK you, you must have a plan of action,

Having the right thoughts must be followed by the right actions.

You need to up skill so you can still achieve the right sales results, those reps behind their target now, well you have really, really, really got to get your act together.

Remember you must smash the opposition rep,

Please embrace the goodness, the value of good, the right THINKING.

Till next time go Sell your way to Success

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Wealth is Learning

Running with you the Sales Rep

Cool Guy, what do you mean, here is the deal, you must be learning every day new sales approaches
fine tuning your sales skills, this will bring you to focused sales wisdom.

It is very important to have an open mind to new learning's, Knowledge is, can be more important than money, what I mean by this is that with better knowledge, used in a better way, will bring you more money.

Learning, you need information, correct, relative information to learn the right stuff.

Learning comes from the day to day learning from our business life playing out before us, very few of us sit back and reflect on the day the week the month , and say what did I learn.

Most of the time we are to stubborn, to ego driven, ie I know it all,

Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making the money. J Wicker

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Realistic Thinking

Running with you the Sales Rep

Hey Guy you might be saying 'What do you mean by this"

Your first responsibility to yourself is to be a realistic thinker, yes as sales people we often are over confident, over optimistic, and it comes back to bite us.

you will have some conflict
you will have to make tough calls on which clients to attract, which clients to bullet
you can not please everyone

Realistic thinking will help you,
cut down on risks you may face in the world of selling
it will help you change better and with speed
it will give you a better mindset

to move forward you must be truthful about your self, you must really know what you are about,
this becomes clearer when you are in the 40's plus, yep wisdom kicks in

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sales Profession

Running with you the Sales Rep.


WELL, show it with, Passion, your tone of voice, the way you talk about selling, the way you act.

Why are so many Sales people hesitant to say they are in selling, I have seen it real time for 35 years,
they seem inferior to say chatting to a CA, Lawyer, Doctor ??????

Here is the deal, I study just as hard and just as long as the profession above, I often put in place certain QUESTIONING techniques when ever I chat with such people.

I do not mess around when I chat about the great profession of SALES, you owe to yourself, your clients, your company.

Have wisdom, stand proud, if it was not for the Sales profession, there would be no economy.
Go be Proud.

Wisdom comes from the experience of living

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

It is TIME for LUNCH

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes still important today to take lunch, no not by yourself, but with,

- current clients, to ensure on going relationship building( talk about what you have in common, some business talk will be raised by your client, not you)

- networking lunch, for referral's over time, yes over time,

- prospects those that you want to do business with, lay the relationship, trust foundation.

Pretty simple, but too many reps meet for a pint after work or three our four, only good if you have had a long relationship.

Being a Pro is still important.

Knowledge comes but WISDOM lingers " A L Tennyson"

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Always in CONTROL

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes, you must always be in control, of yourself and your client, it is a key to you being a better CLOSER.
You must give your client they are in control, but in reality you are, by using the, and asking the right
QUESTIONS. That is what is all about

Your job is to close deals, at the right profit level, not discounted, hate the word????

Part of having control, is your level of research and planning you do , yes even on current clients, you have to be up to date on what is happing in their business.

WISDOM is knowledge which has become a part of one's being by O S Marden

Till next time go Sell your way to Success.

Monday, 17 April 2017

23 Competencies for Sales Excellence FROM BACK IN THE DAY????

Running with you the Sales Rep

Funny how some sales stuff does not change, ok may be put into new world sales????

1 Product knowledge, amazing how many reps miss this point
2 Identifying needs
3 Listening -still today reps talk to much, and do not listen, yes really listen, for the silent meanings
4 Time management, unreal, the biggest single factor in reps being poor at their jobs, I have been research time, how people, not only reps use it, 8 out of 10 on average poor?????
5 Drive, persistent
6 Motivation
7 Establishing Credibility
8 Attitude
9 Communication skills
10 Reading people ( today how they think)
11 Probing ( today, questioning techniques)
12 Self Confidence
13 Follow up, so many reps follow up to late, or do not follow up??
14 Empathy Genuine caring about about the client, (many to day think of the deal only)
15 Well Organised,( sales admin, has automated CRM systems helped)
16 Honesty in dealings, ie ethical
17 Closing the deal
18 Rapport building
19 Patience, ( understanding the sales cycle time frame)
20 Adaptability
21 Personality, not being boring
22 yep, Telephone skills, thought I would leave this one out!!!!!!
23 And today I add, online, social media, skills.
24 Plus day to day self development.
Strange the above is still needed today, same as in the 1970/ 80, makes you think, ha ha.

Wisdom is meaning less until our own experience give it meaning, B Evans

Till next time go sell your way to Success

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Never Focus on Your Commission

Running with you the Sales Rep

The wise rep, does not look at once off transactions, you must focus on the life time value of your client.

Yes you have heard it before, client retention is the thing, the key THING, spending the right time building relationships is way easier than many hours of prospecting.

Wealth will flow to you, if you do not focus on what you get out of the deal, WHAT DOES YOUR CLIENT GET, then you win, do not reduce your fee, price.

Wisdom " Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood" R W Emerson.

Till next time go Sell Your way to Success.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Running with You the Sales Rep

Effort(ROE) I call it return on effort, ------ What do you think effort is, here is how I see it.

Effort, Perseverance, courage, self discipline, diligence, patience

The Karmic Principle, is we usually go with what we know, IT TAKES effort TO CHANGE OUR PATTERNS, of thinking, behaviour, habits.

As a sale manager back in the day, I had a word with a rep that was not performing, "he said I do not recognise his effort", I replied " your effort is channeled in the INCORRECT WAY ( I never use the word WRONG)

So the sales wisdom is to KNOW where you are getting the best return on effort, time today is such a critical component for your success.

No good chasing deals, that are under your gp% benchmark and you know the client will be high to maintain. Spend your focus on better clients, go do it, action, now

Till next time go Sell your way TO SUCCESS .

Thursday, 30 March 2017


Running with you the Sales Rep

Do you have a deep purpose when in the selling trenches,

Not one of making big bucks, this comes as a by product of having deep purpose
that purpose should be to do every thing that will make you the beat of the best, with integrity

Short but sweet.

Till next time go Sell Your way to Success.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Running with You the Sales Rep

How digital are you, yes you, is most of your sales admin automated, does your CRM system make
life easy for you, do you really understand your CRM system.

What digital network, platform do you use to connect with clients, prospects, how often,
Social selling is here to stay, get with the program.

Technology is disrupting every sales reps job, the way they sell, the way you do business, the buyers are ahead of you, are they?

How are you going about growing your digital network, why, in what areas, TIME< TIME you may say, please be results driven, I am to tired to do this, not enough hour's in the day, please do not be boring.

Till next time go sell your way to Success.