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Monday, 9 October 2017

48 Days left in the year

Running with You the sales Rep

Yep from tomorrow 48 days of selling,

- 16 days left in Oct
- 22 days in Nov
- 10 days in Dec (Most businesses in SA close on Friday 15th Dec)

yes I know very few of you have sat done and done the above, busy being busy, year end rush, stop being boring.

I hope you are not in the above group, plus those who have only hit target 4 times this year, and do not find the RIGHT SALES HELP, and you wonder why you suffer and your family suffers, get real, take the hard punches, sales is an easy game or hard depending on your attitude.

November, re look your sales pipeline for Jan o March 18
yes close deals for the month
list a least 10 prospects to hit in Jan 18
connect with your clients on LinkedIn and send them thank you for doing business in 2017
still do face to face calling
to name a few focus areas

December, draw up your 2 week action plan for when you return to work in January18
plan space in your daily program to review your results, list 3 areas you need to improve on
make sure paper work/crm etc all in order
to name a few focus areas,
 Till next time go sell your way to Success.

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