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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Realistic Thinking

Running with you the Sales Rep

Hey Guy you might be saying 'What do you mean by this"

Your first responsibility to yourself is to be a realistic thinker, yes as sales people we often are over confident, over optimistic, and it comes back to bite us.

you will have some conflict
you will have to make tough calls on which clients to attract, which clients to bullet
you can not please everyone

Realistic thinking will help you,
cut down on risks you may face in the world of selling
it will help you change better and with speed
it will give you a better mindset

to move forward you must be truthful about your self, you must really know what you are about,
this becomes clearer when you are in the 40's plus, yep wisdom kicks in

Till next time go sell your way to Success.

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