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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Are you a CLOSER

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yes you know and I know that when in sales you must be great at closing the deal, what does it take to be a first class closer.

Here are a few guide lines,

- it is very hard not to do business with someone who genuinely exhibits friendship, the true closer will find something he likes about his prospect and then makes positive comment .

- to be a closer you must accept you need to learn more, keep your mind open to new insights and opinions.

- you must make sure your client is relaxed by the tone and words you use, remember ever one is stressed, have some humour

- experience is the educator, go get help with your skills,

- your personality is the difference to that of your peers, opposition, make it work for you,

- top closers are humble, well organized and determined minute by minute.

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Till next time go sell your way to Success..

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