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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What is your Sales Vision for your life

Running with you the Sales Rep

For 35 years I have been studying the truly successful sales professionals, yep I am one of them, so have had firsts hand view of what it takes. Look I say this because I really, really want you to be very great, excellent at selling.

Here is what I have seen over the years

- they have a vision for what their sales life should look like

- the go and create their sales life actively

- they take action to improve themselves in all areas related to business knowledge, they understand business

- they know the self discipline it takes to be consistent achiever.

- they do not bullshit themselves or clients

- they have great energy

- they say no

- their sales admin is top draw

They can read situations very quickly, they are nimble, they move with speed, this is SALES WISDOM

Till next time go sell your way to success

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