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Sunday, 2 April 2017


Running with You the Sales Rep

Effort(ROE) I call it return on effort, ------ What do you think effort is, here is how I see it.

Effort, Perseverance, courage, self discipline, diligence, patience

The Karmic Principle, is we usually go with what we know, IT TAKES effort TO CHANGE OUR PATTERNS, of thinking, behaviour, habits.

As a sale manager back in the day, I had a word with a rep that was not performing, "he said I do not recognise his effort", I replied " your effort is channeled in the INCORRECT WAY ( I never use the word WRONG)

So the sales wisdom is to KNOW where you are getting the best return on effort, time today is such a critical component for your success.

No good chasing deals, that are under your gp% benchmark and you know the client will be high to maintain. Spend your focus on better clients, go do it, action, now

Till next time go Sell your way TO SUCCESS .

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