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Thursday, 21 September 2017

6 Points to Manage Buyers and close better

Running with You the Sales Rep

We all hear and know the selling game is consistently changing, ARE YOU ADAPTING, some yes many no, one can see this from sales results.

So lets see if you have these in your sales war chest????

- do you persuade buyers that you are the best choice

- do your solutions really satisfy your clients needs

- have you demonstrated that dealing with you will have very, very few risks(Yep list some risks that your client may face in dealing with opposition)

- demonstrate that your client will achieve their goals by dealing with you

- do you bring new solutions, ideas to the table

- how proactive are you in closing the sales through each engagement with your client.

good so you are on the right wisdom track excellent,  a major benefit to you.

till next time go sell your way to success, blog by Kyle Daines

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