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Friday, 8 September 2017

YOU are a MILLENNIAL Sales Rep

Running with you the Sales Rep

Yep the sale force of the next 10 years or so are Millennial reps, so here is what your company should be doing for you!!!!!

Can they with Information overload, with the pace of digital and technology stride's give you info with SPEED and SIMPLICITY

So your day to day life is DRIVEN BY DIGITAL, personal and business.

Personal life every thing done on your smart phone, easy, IT stuff at home all hooked up to give you quick access, usage ,but at the office, you have CRM, !!, Sales Automation !!, quick back office service etc, !!!!!

The point of this is how much time are you spending out of your 40/50 hour week doing the following,
- finding the right prospects( why can't the system give me this at the push of a button)
- why must I spend hours researching prospects, is there not a quicker, and better way
( where the system pulls the correct profile of targeted clients)

INTERESTING, so the deal is
- speed of having the right app's
- clean data, within your company's data base, so many are poor
etc, etc

Till next time go Sell your way to success.

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