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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Relationship Selling: Understanding the process.

Running with You the rep.

As a rep are you able to view  the selling process through the perceptions of the buyer?

You need to understand that buyers want to buy , not be sold, if the buyer is engaging in a high risk purchase that involves  a long term commitment they are 100% looking for relationship selling , trust and security that they will be able to count on you and your company. ( Are you going to be able to deliver on what you promised).

Buyers want to establish a long term relationship with You the sales rep it gives them a sense of security , therefore the most effective and efficient way to work in selling is to help buyers buy better and smarter.

With greater understanding into buyers needs and priority ,You the rep are in a better position to communicate and demonstrate to them that You are here to help them in every step of the way to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

Till nest time go sell your way to success.

Post by Kyle Daines .

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