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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Closing Techniques

Running with You the rep.

As a professional salesperson how many different closing techniques do you know / can name and deliver ?

Here is a quick summary to help and guide you :

1. The Alternative Close - Here you offer the buyer a choice of alternatives, this helps him make up his mind about which service / product will best suit the business.

2. The Concession Close-This makes the buyer feel that he is getting the best of a bargain.

3. The Summary Close - You summaries the reason why the customer should buy.

4. The Confident Close -  This close focuses on the benefits of the product ,service of the company.

5. The Proof close - Use during your presentation reference to your customer who has benefited from using your product / service.

6. The Isolation Close -  Find out with great questioning techniques what is holding the customer back , isolate his objection -confirm with them that is answered they will buy from you .

7. The Puppy dog Close -  Where you actually let the client try it , test it and sample your product/service before they buy.

8. The Direct Close -  Ask the client " Can we get the paper work ready ? "

Till next time go sell your way to success.

Post by Kyle Daines .

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