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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Buying Motives

Running with You the rep.

Buying Motives fall into two main categories:

Rational Motives :

  • Gain or saving of money  - Greater profits , improved efficiency.
  • Benefits -                             Product Quality.
  • Protection / Security -         Confidence in the supplier and product/service . 
  • Approval of others -            Recognition.

Emotional Motives :

  • Satisfaction -                      Using a product / service connected to pride.
  • Pleasure -                           Appearance and design.
  • Fear -                                 Fear of competition , Fear of how other people will react.
  • Envy -                                Wanting what others want , wanting the success of others.

Buyers want those goods and services that will bring them the maximum benefits , this means describing a product / service in terms of what it does for the buyer .

Till next time go sell your way to success.

Post by Kyle Daines

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