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Monday, 27 August 2018

Know your Sales History :

Running with you the sales Rep

   As a salesperson have you reviewed your sales history, have you looked back over the past month and seen what worked and what didn't . Go back and look at :

Your last X amount of leads .
Your last X amount of appointments won/ lost.
Your last X amount of cold calls .
Your last X repeat business/ sales.
Your last X new customers.
Your last X lost customers .
Your last X sales lost .
Your last X amount of customer complaints .
Your last X amount of sales won.

By doing this you are learning ,spotting trends that are working and not work for yourself -by being aware and eliminating theses' mistakes will help make you more effective and efficient as a professional sales person.

 Till Next time go sell your way to success .
Blog done by Kyle Daines .

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