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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

My Top Sales Movies

Running with You the Rep.

Herewith my top Sales movies that i have watched - and i absolutely loved every minute of them.

1. Glengarry Glen Ross - with Al Pacino, and jack lemon.

2. The boiler Room - Telemarketer / Telesales 101.

3. The Prime gig - With Vince Vaughan ( Similar to the boiler room but still a great watch).

4. Two for the money - Another Al Pacino , what can i say he is a great actor.

5. Jerry Maguire - Which Sales man doesn't love the line " Show me the MONEY"!!!

6. The Wolf of Wall Street - Do i need to say more ? / The simpleness behind the whole " Sell me this pen ".

Not only are these movies fun and a great watch - there are little sales tips in each one that can help you as a rep - it's literately fun learning.

Hope you guys have seen and enjoyed theses movies as much as I have.

Till next time go sell your way to success.

Post by Kyle Daines

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