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Monday, 10 September 2018


Running with You the Rep :

It comes down to if you believe you CAN SELL and that you WILL SELL!! This inner self confidence will translate into actual results. (YOU HAVE TO BELIVE, BEFORE YOU CAN ACHIEVE).

1.This inner belief has nothing to with the product or service you provide (granting if you do believe in your product and service it does make the sales process a lot simpler).
Your product and service is better than your competitors.

It is vital that you know your product / service inside out, your product knowledge will help build this self-confidence.

Before you make a sales call, you must understand you will deal with objections and how you are going to counter these objections.

4. With self-confidence and the proper preparation, you will be able to sell anything to anyone. Remember that perfect practice makes perfect, keep building each day, every day on your selling skills and your self-confidence will grow.
There are going to be days that are tough in the sales trenches, when you come back to the office feeling beaten and bruised – NEVER GIVE UP, or let a prospect get the better of you in such a way that it will dampen your spirits. A CHAMPION sales person has a great mental attitude and can remain strong and positive in difficult times.
Till next time go sell your way to success. 
Post by Kyle Daines . 

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